Nurmet LTD. is established with domestic capital in 2012, which followed a years of groundwork. Nurmet Ltd. is engaged mainly in manufacturing accompanied by concrete transport and pumping. We have an important introduction toodandu according to customer needs, customer-friendly attitude and flexibility. We guarantee the quality of production according to the standard EN 206: 2014 in cooperation with the Certification Centre. Nurmet OÜ is based on from the year of 2012 Estonian net worth capital.

Started from the year 2012 Nurmet LTD is the company who started on Estonian Capital and has large experience in the area of Concrete ManufacturingNurmet LTD main area of action is concrete- and concrete manufacturing achievement has a large building main fundamental base of concrete-structure and building management. Including simple base of concrete work manufacturing Nurmet LTD offers to its clients professional work.

Nurmet LTD is from the 2012 year registered in the economical register and has a certificate to work with concrete Industry.

Concrete as building material has a strong popularity with its lots of usement. Today this is not a new modern Industry anymore

Nurmet LTD. Offers large usability and services in the area of concrete management.


  • Concrete manufacturing
  • Concrete structure
  • Building management on Concrete Base
  • Concrete transport
  • Concrete pumping